Garden Care & Garden Maintenance Sydney

A beautiful home garden makes you feel wonderful - whether you're looking out at the colourful flowers and shrubs, or relaxing under a shady tree on a sunny day!

However a beautiful garden doesn't just happen. It takes careful planning, special skills, and plenty of effort to keep it looking great all year-round. When you have better things to do than push a mower or prune trees, leave all the hard work to Charlie.

Our services include:
  • Lawn mowing. The lawn is the foundation of your garden, and Charlie cuts it just right - not so high that it quickly becomes untidy, or so low that it dies and allows weeds to flourish.
  • Fertilisation. Australia's harsh climate and variable soil quality makes life tough for many introduced plant species. Charlie knows how to keep everything in your garden blooming!
  • Hedging. Trimming a hedge isn't as easy as it looks, especially if it's curved or above shoulder-height. Your hedge will be neater than it's ever been with Charlie on the job!
  • Pruning. There's more to this perennial task than just hacking away at anything that looks out of place. Charlie has the knowledge and experience to lop off only what needs to be removed.
  • Soft landscaping. Selecting the right grass, ground cover, shrubs and trees, and placing them in the right locations, is crucial to your garden's appearance. Charlie's extensive gardening experience and his eye for style assures that everything is in just the right place.
  • Mulching. Cuttings from mowing, pruning and hedging are perfect for mulching. Charlie has the machinery and the knowhow to turn garden waste into garden gold!
  • Pots and planter boxes. These add highlights in places where there's no permanent planting bed. Charlie knows which plants will grow in a pot or planter box, and where to position them for optimum results.
  • Paving. When Charlie makes a pathway, it stays free of cracks and weeds - guaranteed!

We focus and currently work in the Lower North Shore, Inner West and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

For a no-obligation quote, call Charlie on (02) 9743 1220 or 0448 002 200.